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Our companies

Support structures, deep foundations, ground improvement and consolidation and even special processes... The full range of technical foundation solutions are proposed by Fayat Fondations's 3 companies: Sefi-Intrafor, Franki Fondation and Fayat Piling.

Genuine technical experts, the three companies' teams join forces to offer their clients wide-ranging and custom solutions.

With the headquarters of its 2 companies based in the Paris region, but also 9 agencies throughout France and 1 subsidiary in England, Fayat Fondations employs 630 people.


Sefi-Intrafor's teams work on different types of deep foundations and underground works. Sefi-Intrafor also has an integrated design office that works on design and implementation as well as an extensive fleet of equipment (mobile cranes, drilling machines, production and injection plants, etc.), allowing it to carry out all types of works under the widest range of conditions.

Franki Fondation

Franki Fondations's teams work in the field of special foundations and offer a full range of piles, support structures and ground reinforcement techniques. Franki also has a design office with the most modern technology to develop economic and reliable solutions as well as an equipment unit capable of designing and customising its tools according to specific project demands.

Fayat Piling

Since early 2015, Fayat Fondations has been represented on English soil via its subsidiary Fayat Piling Limited.