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Deep Foundations

Deep Foundations



Foundations, plural noun.

Set of works with the aim of creating the base of a building; trench intended to house these foundations, lower part of a construction, ensuring its solidity.

The distinction is made between surface foundations (footing trenches, individual or continuous footings, raft foundations), and deep foundations (drilled or cast concrete piles, concrete stacks, diaphragm or prefabricated walls, deep raft foundations).

(Larousse - translated)


Simple bored piles

Tube bored piles

Oscillated bored piles

Underslurry bored piles and barettes

Hollow auger cast bored piles

Atlas piles

Spire piles

Drilled and cast-in-place piles


Tie beams / nails

Rigid inserts

Gravel compacted columns

Controlled modulus columns (CMC)

Jet Grouting

Deep Foundations

Deep Foundations

To reinforce an existing structure that is subsiding or to erect a new building, deep foundations are required.

This consists of adding an element to the land that will essentially work on side friction to reinforce its load-bearing capacity. Piles, barettes, inserts or micropiles are then installed.

Deep foundations are also used to reinforce a retaining wall (temporarily or permanently) with tie beams. This system uses a tie bar or tie cable, sealed in the ground in a boring, which is tensioned against the wall being retained.
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