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Improvement and Consolidation

Improvement and Consolidation



Improvement, noun.

Action of improving. Geology and public works: modification of the soil characteristics to increase its load-bearing capacity and/or reduce compacting.

(Larousse - translated)


Consolidation, noun.

Action of consolidating something. Geology and public works: increasing the dry density of soil following its compacting under the effect of its own weight.

(Larousse - translated)


Mechanical injection


Brickwork repair / restoration

Quarry filling

Masonry pillars

Concrete pillars

Improvement and Consolidation

Improvement and Consolidation

The extension of a building, the appearance of cracks in floors or walls, the widening of joints in stones, ground subsidence, the consequences of climate change (floods, droughts, etc.) or vibrations, or even work to guarantee compliance with the latest construction standards: all these situations require ground improvement or consolidation of a structure with weakened foundations.

Grouting is used to consolidate uncompacted ground and/or for waterproofing, via boring then hit-and-miss injection. Contact-restoration grouting: this is used to rehabilitate underground or engineering structures via minor boring and grouting, plugging cracks and restoring structural solidity. Mechanical injection is based on the principle of horizontal static soil compacting, via the injection of pressurised mortar to produce a column that increases the soil density.

Finally, underground cavities jeopardise the stability of existing or future structures. Whether natural or artificial (old quarries), these cavities must be consolidated. Accessible cavities are consolidated via the manual construction of masonry pillars. Other cavities require consolidation grouting via boring to reach the empty zone.
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