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Special processes

Special processes



Process, noun.
Practical method to do something.

(Larousse - translated)

Public works: method of doing work, adjusted to cases with special characteristics.






Domestic water for villages

Geotechnical surveys

Ground freezing

Special processes

Special processes

Fayat Fondations's companies have developed a wide range of innovative special processes in terms of special foundations:

The Biocofra range of biodegradable egg carton products particularly enables formwork to effectively combat clay soil movement, by protecting floors from clay swelling, as well as earthquake-resistant joints.

The Solfibres process serves to improve the mechanics of the concrete in the foundations, by using piles reinforced with metal fibres.

The Heli-bar method consists of sealing a helicoidal stainless steel wire into horizontal masonry joints (blocks, bricks or stones) to reinforce buildings damaged by ground compacting.

The Cupolex range consists of cast regenerated polypropylene formwork modules for crawl spaces. It is an economical, quick-to-install solution, suited to all forms of surfaces.

Our specific skills and our equipment suited to supplying domestic water for villages enable us to bore to sustainably improve the water supply for rural populations in West Africa.

Freezing helps to waterproof and consolidate non-injectable ground, by turning the ground water in a given area to ice by pumping in liquid nitrogen.
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