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  • 1957

    Fayat Group

    Creation of the Fayat group, currently the number one independent construction group in France and a leader in construction and industry.
  • 1994


    With the acquisition of the Genest group in Viry-Châtillon (Essonne), Fayat establishes itself in Paris and doubles both its workforces and sales. It adds new activities: industrial electricity and special foundations with Sefi. Founded in 1965, SEFI (Sondages – Etanchements – Forages – Injections, i.e. surveys, sealing, boring, grouting) becomes with the takeover SEFI (Société d'Etudes de Fondations et d'Injections, i.e. foundation and grouting surveying company).
  • 1997

    Sotraisol Fondations

    Founded in 1977 by a group of underground works entrepreneurs, Sotraisol Fondations joins the Fayat Group.
  • 1998

    Franki Fondation

    Based in France at the start of the 20th century, Franki Fondation joins the Fayat Group.
  • 2002

    Ground and foundations

    Specialised in structural consolidation and restructuring, deep foundations and the development of innovative products and processes (Biocofra), Sols & Fondations joins the Fayat group.
  • 2003


    Intrafor is taken over by the Group, leading to the creation of a new company : Sefi-Intrafor.
  • 2014

    Fayat Piling

    Creation of Fayat Piling, English subsidiary of Sefi-Intrafor and Franki Fondation.
  • 2016


    Sefi-Intrafor takes over Sotraisol Fondations.