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7km of micropiles in Marseille

Interxion chose the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille to install a datacentre called MRS2, which will provide more than 4,000m² of computer rooms. The European datacentre leader, which particularly provides hosting for web giants such as Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, prepares a site with 7 levels of security before the machines are reached. Franki's Mediterranean Agency teams have been working there since June to install nearly 7 kilometres of micropiles !

The MRS2 building dates back to the 1950s and served as a warehouse for cereal and olive oil products before being used for industrial maintenance activities. The building's structure has been conserved, but all the rest will be renovated. To install servers completely securely, the future elevated slab is set to be installed on micropiles.

With an initial development phase including the installation of 20 type-II micropiles, i.e. 30lm of borings, Franki then installed 400 micropiles inside the building, i.e. nearly 6,500lm !

The following phase then involved a 30m² micro-soldier pile wall and 40 micropiles outside, in order to be able to remove an earth bank and create an entrance to the warehouse.

Finally, the teams are finishing the work with 100 inserts at a depth of 5 metres for the end of the year, to support the raft foundations of the electric generating sets.


Client: Cari Méd

Owner: Interxion

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