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The Fayat building in Bordeaux on solid foundations

On the right bank in Bordeaux, the Fayat project is taking shape on Quai Deschamps. This combined real-estate programme will include 10,000m² dedicated to the INSIGHT office building, half of which will be occupied by the Group's Bordeaux subsidiaries, as well as 130 housing units spread over 2 buildings. Before moving to its new offices, Sefi-Intrafor and Franki's teams worked from August to November on the project's foundations.

The project includes a 5-floor oval-shaped car park (70 x 32m), built with diaphragm walls by Sefi-Intrafor, which is partly located under the office building and under one of the residential buildings. The borings of the diaphragm wall (thickness 800mm / depth 27m), which began in mid-August, were carried out by an on-site workshop using a grab. 5 barettes (30m) completed the system. Launched at full throttle over the summer, the boring was completed at the beginning of October. The planing and propping work will be completed before the earthworks (by Fayat TP).

Regarding the foundation piles of the buildings in the car park, on the central part that will be propped, 18 underslurry piles were installed, by Franki Fondation, in October on the ground surface. The 52 FrankiStar piles located in the turns will be installed in the bottom of the trench next March. In November, the 196 FrankiStar were installed for the foundations of the non-car park buildings. 12 micropiles will be added to the system under the concrete pillars of the car park's central section.


Consortium: SEG Fayat - Sefi-Intrafor (withFranki) - Fayat TP

Owner: Fayat Immobilier

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