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Line 15: End of diaphragm walls for Champigny

The Champigny site, the first on line 15, started in March 2018, is the last to be completed. The final concreting of the Red Box North phase and the Intermediate Box took place on March 17 and is to continue with a one-month immobilization phase. We take this opportunity to come back to this exceptional project.

With a total of 775 ml of diaphragm wall in 1500 mm, more than 50,000 m3 of concrete, nearly 4000 tonnes of reinforcement and the realization, in 800 mm, of 130 m of provisional diaphragm wall equipped with reinforcements in fiberglass, this is the largest diaphragm wall project in Grand Paris and Sefi-Intrafor in terms of quantities.

From a technical point of view, the team had to cope with great geotechnical difficulties in certain layers of the ground, causing a delay in planning which it was able to overcome by changing the drilling methodology. It is therefore a great success for the 30 people led by the project director, the works engineers and the site manager. Congratulations to all.

The shutdown due to confinement having modified the schedules, the site resumed on May 11, with the immobilization phase initially planned and will be an opportunity to carry out the various maintenance and necessary repairs.
Finally, the project ended June 11th, with the last diaphragm walls. This last phase will saw the construction of ten panels (width 1.50 m and depths between 40 and 60 m).

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