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Montreuil: Injections in the sewers

As part of its lease with the Water and Sanitation Department of the Departmental Council, Sefi-Intrafor intervened from October 2017 to April 2018 for the rehabilitation of the departmental collector rue de Lagny in Montreuil. Bonding and ground treatment injections were recommended by the project manager, over the 700 linear meters of the sanitation structure concerned.


For its sanitation works rehabilitation program, the Water and Sanitation Department  of the Seine-Saint-Denis Departmental Council classifies the interventions to be carried out on its network according to 3 criteria after studies: critical / curative / satisfactory. For the collector in rue de Lagny in Montreuil, it was a "curative" treatment, that is to say maintenance.

On each part of the collector, two phases alternated: a first injection of bonding around the structure after perforation of the masonry. And a second of treatment injection, with a deeper perforation to treat the foundation of the structure and clean up the ground.

In order to treat the 700 meters of collector, the teams worked until April 2018 and carried out a total of 2,683 boreholes, 506 m3 of bonding injection and 156 m3 of ground treatment injection.

Client : Conseil départemental de la Seine-Saint-Denis
Site supervisor : DEA 93

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