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Orly station: The new multimodal station

The future station, located in Orly airport, will significantly improve services to the airport, currently 80% of which is provided by road, by public transport. It will concentrate the flow of passengers using the metro (L14, L18), the T7 tram, the Orlyval, the Orlybus, the RATP buses and the shuttle buses. This 22,500 m² double station will allow the development of public transport. It will be backed by a new bus station as well as a new 10-storey car Park.

This project is a good example of synergy between the companies of the Fayat Foundations division. Sefi-Intrafor, member of the Demathieu Bard / Sefi-Intrafor Join Venture, has worked on 3 structures (the car park, the Orly train station as well as on the viaduct) with the construction of diaphragm walls, grout walls and anchors. Franki Fondation (subcontractor of Sefi-Intrafor) realizes the piles and micropiles (work over 2 years, 6 interventions).

Sefi-Intrafor produced the 750 linear meters of diaphragm walls (1.5 m thick and 30 m deep), 62 isolated panels, 33 pre-founded posts and set up 26 fiberglass cages. necessary for the passage of 2 tunnels boring machines (lines 14 and 18).

The Franki Foundation teams intervened to build 101 piles (diameter 820 to 1200 mm and 25 m deep) providing the foundations for the car park around the station.

To date, the Sefi-Intrafor teams are hard at work producing the 150 anchors under the airlock (including 12 fiberglass units in line with the footprint of the L18 tunnel boring machine) which will ensure the stability of the diaphragm walls during works.




It should be noted that all of this work was carried out on time, the diaphragm walls were completed in June 2019 (3 days ahead of schedule). A fine performance made possible thanks to the good understanding between Sefi-Intrafor and Demathieu Bard worksite teams. Indeed, there were no unpleasant geotechnical surprises and this ensured a good drilling rate, especially in the green clays as well as in the clayey rocks.

However, the teams had to face some difficulties and not the least. An obligation to pour concrete exclusively in the morning, following strong demand from the sites of Greater Paris, under penalty of postponing the concreting until the next day. A 3x8 organization with 75 people to manage on 3 workstations to ensure the sustained pace of one panel per day (including public holidays) despite the traffic constraint in the "labyrinth" of Orly airport which made logistics and delivery operations very complicated. Finally, the phasing, the strong co-activity with Demathieu Bard's civil engineering on the site and the management of drilling mud are all inconveniences that the teams have successfully overcome
This project, which began in October 2018, will end in April 2020.

Client : Aéroport de Paris
Site supervisor : Systra
JV : Demathieu Bard, Sefi-Intrafor

19 800

m2 drilled

23 500

m3 of concrete poured for DWalls

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