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Our vision

Joining Fayat means taking part in a collective adventure, at human-sized companies as part of a an international-scale group.
Clément Fayat, group founder and honorary president
notre vision

Choosing to work for fayat means getting to know companies on a human scale with the strategy of a major group.

22,791 people work for Fayat group. In terms of foundations, Fayat Foundations's companies have 620 staff. In a fast-growing field of business, our 2 companies are complementary and attract new employees each year who work on our sites, both large-scale and local, all over France.
Les fondamentaux

Management, training and mobility :

The fundamentals of the Fayat group are found in all its subsidiaries.

With its short lines of authority, Fayat Fondations's companies encourage a culture of accountability. Local management based on the trust placed in every employee promotes independence and decision-making.

Passionately expressing our business skills, taking on new geotechnical challenges every day and sharing common values on projects of all sizes: the men and women working at Fayat Fondations have that in common!

Find out more about our business lines on placements, join one of our companies and develop your skills on multiple missions over a wide range of sites: your potential is boosted by the transfer of the skills of existing staff and training courses that give you the opportunity to grow as part of a group.

  • Plaquette recrutement groupe (pdf, 1.95 MB)